Streamline Asset Management
with a Single Database

With geographically-dispersed maintenance teams, high volumes of activity, and extensive paperwork requirements that vary by country, it can be difficult to capture and track data for every asset in your portfolio. Developed specifically for the needs of the airline industry, Jetraxx serves as a single, live database for all airline assets, as well as historical repository for data, classified by event, and an archive of operational documentation.
Jetraxx provides a proprietary, cloud-based records management system, backed by technical and records personnel who validate data and documentation. With customizable workflows, our system eliminates repetitive data entry—which often introduces human error—consolidates activities and ensures historical data moves with assets when they are installed or decommissioned. Our scalable architecture preserves parent-child data relationships, whether you are managing a single aircraft or a world-wide fleet.

Always-Accessible Information

Jetraxx standardizes data with a system that accommodates your existing workflow, for rapid implementation and minimal training. With credentialed user logins and drag-and-drop features for documentation, the system creates accountability and captures data efficiently. By eliminating repetitive data entry and making uploaded documentation instantly accessible to all users, you can ensure timely and through capture of information following each event, streamlining end-of-life activities and eliminating the need to track down missing paperwork months or years later.

Faster Data Recall

Designed by airline industry veterans, Jetraxx was developed to track and record the movement of assets, while preserving associated data. When an engine is moved from one aircraft to another, Jetraxx ensures all previous event documentation related to the engine remains connected in the database. Users can search for documentation by asset or event, including heavy checks, maintenance records, specific flights, and more, without relying on tribal knowledge or remembering document serial numbers. Technical and records experts validate and authenticate documentation at upload, providing confidence in data integrity and completeness.

On-Demand Data Access

Our cloud-based system includes backups and redundancies across multiple locations to safeguard data and ensure business continuity and accessibility. Uploaded documentation is instantly accessible to all users, anywhere in the world. The portal-based system can be accessed via web browser on your computer or tablet, or with the Jetraxx smartphone app (available on iOS and Android), making it easy to access your data on the go.
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