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Director of Accounting

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Gabriela “Gaby” Diwan

Director of Accounting

Gabriela “Gaby” Diwan serves as Director of Accounting for Jetraxx and its sister company, Jet Engine Solutions (JES). She directs all matters relating to financial planning and risk management, as well as financial reporting for both companies.

With an eye for efficiency, Gaby streamlines processes and ensures accuracy in record-keeping and reporting. Working collaboratively with HR, her team handles the payroll and financial compliance aspects of employee management. Her dedication reflects the belief that when employees feel that the company is taking good care of them, they can fully focus their attention on taking care of customers.

Gaby has been part of JES since its founding, originally serving as HR lead, as well as overseeing financial matters. Under her stewardship, the company’s growth soon required focused resources to manage talent and oversee employee recruitment and onboarding. Prior to JES and Jetraxx, Gaby worked in a variety of industries, including publishing, giving her a well-rounded view of best practices in accounting across industries.

Gaby is a licensed certified public accountant. She earned her bachelor’s degree in business and accounting, as well as her master’s in accounting from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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