Necessity is the mother of invention

Jetraxx was built from experience and need. Originally designed by Shane Stringfellow to manage data for aircraft engines serviced by Jet Engine Solutions (JES), Jetraxx software quickly took on a life of its own, spinning off into a new company.

With deep experience in leased aviation assets, as well as aircraft maintenance and repair, the company founders saw an opportunity to streamline and minimize the pain points of leased asset management by taking advantage of cloud technology. Rather than scanning reams of paper documentation at the end of a lease, Jetraxx created a managed process for ongoing records auditing and uploading, greatly reducing the time needed to finalize documentation and turn off engine leases.

Developed by a neutral party – JES services multiple makes and models of engines for a variety of carriers – Jetraxx was immediately appealing to customers because of its independence. Customers do not have to worry about their engine data being analyzed by engine makers for product development or viewed by competitors looking for business advantage.

Jetraxx’s in-house technical records department audits and validates data as part of the process, providing peace of mind for all asset stakeholders. With role-based permissions, Jetraxx serves as an information clearinghouse for engine owners, lessors, MROs, and financial institutions, providing appropriate data access and workflow checklists for each workgroup.


A veteran-driven company

At the foundation of Jetraxx is a core belief in service to county. Multiple company owners and founding employees are veterans—excellence in execution and discipline shape company culture. Jetraxx actively recruits former service members from all branches of the military. Former service members bring great experience, team-focused mentality, and the ability to self-manage to see a task to completion.

Nearly 70 percent of the company is made up of veterans, and many other employees come from military families. Jetraxx believes strongly that those who have served their country deserve a post-military career path. We are proud to be part of that tradition.

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